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5 Apr 2002
We have a couple of breaking news today for you on the subject of your favorite email system - Exchange Server!

  • We are nearing the end of research on what to do with next version of Exchange. We are seeing a trend towards "zero administration" systems. Based on pressures to reduce their IT TCO and outsourcing budgets at the same time, the LORG customers are asking for full AI self-managed systems. Our future challenge will be to create SW robot/agents that will set up and administer each user's communication solutions without any human administrator intervention. Risk factors include a chance that a novice administrator might unintentionally start a war by trying to create a routing group connector to Exchange 2003.
  • In an attempt to allow our customers to achieve work/life balance, a new BPA setup prerequisite check is being introduced; it will prevent installations of Exchange server during working hours. Administrators everywhere have welcomed that idea.
  • ExBPA has been simplified so that it is no longer so confusing for our customers to know exactly what they need to fix. Rather than the thousands of rules of varying complexity, all of the checks that ExBPA does will be consolidated into a single rule with 42,000 conditions that will rate a server as either "Good" or "Dude, you gotta fix this".
  • In order to make Exchange installation easier on different kinds of hardware, the Exchange team has decided to not only ship Exchange on DVD. Future version will also be available on floppies, 3263 in total. Customers will need a smaller forklift to drop the package into the server room. Just watch it. That raised floor is fragile!
  • Outlook team has just checked in a warning that pops up when your PST reaches two terabytes. It says: "Really... two terabytes oughtta be enough for anybody!!"
  • Getting Exchange to run on 64 bit servers has proven less challenging than we have expected. Because of that, we are working with leading microprocessor manufacturers to introduce special 57 bit servers. We believe that our customers will welcome the additional choice!

Investor's advice: If you happen to be thrilled about the stock market, you might think about companies making big computer fans since we are going to need them...

Source: You Had Me At EHLO

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