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I am now going official, but before I do I need some input from the community.
I am currently attending college for web design and computer craphics. I have been getting enough referrals from friends and family that I am going to design graphics and websites part time (for now) The sites/graphics will be for local and small businesses in my area but I won't shy away from larger jobs either.
What I have been doing is looking at what others offer as far as pricing is concerned. I was a little surprized how much the pricing can vary and I am wondering what others have to say. Currently I will be offering:

Web Site Design: Custom pages and graphics. Graphics can be supplied by company or I will make them (pending approval)

Web Site Maintenance: Whether an exsisting site needs just some content updated (text) or major graphics rework

Business Logo Design (Web): Graphics will be, Raster images 72 dpi *.Gif , 150 dpi *.Jpg

Business Logo Design (Print): Graphics will be, Vector images 300 dpi *.Tiff, *.Eps

I will expand this further but those are my immediate needs. I am wondering what the forum community thinks is fair pricing. I am not limiting myself to only money because as we all know some business can offer things worth more than money. :D

Thanks for any advice you can offer.


I am hoping to make enough to at least buy more hardware, since thats always nice to have more gadgets... dare to dream, maybe an IPod... ahhh... IPod :D


I would also like ta wish ya good luck in your graphics/buisiness pursuits there Pseudo. As we have all seen here that you obviously have a talent an are strivin to develop it even more w/each passing day. Good luck w/school too. Hopefully youve got some of the rough spots behind you. (Like that numbnut teacher you had a short while back). And youll get to delve more into the things that really inspire you. You know that you have our full support here, an will help ya in any way that we can. kitct :)


Well so far I have a web site that needed a logo ... and he is going to pay me in Bawls. I can deal with that.

Heres the logo I did ... or one of the variations I did... along with a logo I am trying to get apprived for a club I am in called PACS. Opinions?? Please I need constructive critques!!


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Good Luck Pseudo...I am in the same exact field as you except I am out of college but I'd say within the next few weeks my portfolio website using flash will be up so I would like to see some of the stuff you do so maybe we can compare or help each other with projects we get or if it's just stuff we are working on...

also for Lee...that site is nice and simple and I like that about sites...I want to do some things that are a little more complicated than that but I want it to have the simplistic yet elegant look that your friends website has between the fluff I may put into mine...

I was just about to make a thread asking people who work in flash or graphic design to start posting things they've done...


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oh I was going to post about this but got sidetracked...the LiquidRam pic...were there any guidelines the guy asked you to use such as colors or theme? if you could answer those I might be able to go further with what I see in it


Tuffgong4 said:
oh I was going to post about this but got sidetracked...the LiquidRam pic...were there any guidelines the guy asked you to use such as colors or theme? if you could answer those I might be able to go further with what I see in it
no guidelines... he originally had a 800 x 100 box w/ a 4 pixel gray border with gray text and a light blue background. I know the guy and said I would never be able to speak with him again if he stuck with that logo... so 15 mins later I gave him that and a few versions. He said he owes me some Bawls now. :D its all good.


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I think the pic for liquidram is good I just see some tweaking from an artist stand point and from an advertising marketing standpoint

the artwork is good just the colors clash more than they go together...maybe a more subtle orange with a greenish hue could blend better with the nice background you have

also from the ad marketing side the overall look of the ad looks like 3 separate pieces more than one solid piece...what I mean is that the main (Liquidram) looks separate from the statement(Bring it don't sing it) and both look distant from the background...

I think finding a font for both text parts that are closer in design would flow better to the eyes and making the fonts sizes that aren't as close would show more strength in the presentation...

I know it may sound like a lot but since you are as good at graphics as you are I think you will know what I mean...

I would like to see the other examples if possible...

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