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braided ide cables


Blame me for the RAZR's
im looking for braided ide cables. nothing fancy just to get better air flow.

any ideas where to look for them newegg has some for 12 bucks and 6 dollars shipping... really expensive to me.

any ideas

and if you use them any pros/cons


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Where in the US are you located?

You should look in your area at the local computer shops. I got mine at a local shop here in San Francisco (but they have 2 other stores on the peninsula/bay area). I payed 'bout 10 dollars for them and they have a life time warranty.

Don't buy them online, you could wind up paying more in shipping than what they want for the cables.

And yes I use them and they work well.

Here's a pic of mine. The blue one in the foreground is the Floppy. The IDE braided are lower.
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The Analog Kid
Try ebay. I got a set of (2) 24" IDE and a 12" floppy for $12 including shipping. Just search for "round IDE"

As for cons:
1) The IDE spec stipulates a maximum length of 18" and flat ribbon cables. However, I have never heard of anyone having any problems. I would stay away from any cables over 24"
FRYE's electronics has them $6 bucks for a set of 3 (2 ide, 1 floppy). That's what I use no problems. I think there is a FRYE's in Houston. Best Buy and COmpusa have them also but watch the prices. I've seen identical cables priced from 3 bucks to 15 bucks each.


Weekend DJ
Another way to get them cheep is to make them yourself. Just get a regular ide cable cearfully cut it into 3 or 5 strips being cearfull not to damage the wires. and then wrap electrical tape around the strips to form a small strip. Get some old cables and practice first. I did this with long cables ment for servers. they were $3 dollars each at a computer store.
Hey gonaads--what's the black stuff around your power cables? My case looks like a mess inside; I like what you got going. :)


Beware the G-Man
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It's called "spiral wrap". A wire covering you can get at any electronics shop/store or also at a computer shop/store. They come in a variety of colors.

You can also get the "split" type (first image). :)

This site has quite a bit and a variety of styles sizes and colors.

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