Boy grabs knife after dad unplugs video game


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18 Mar 2004
I don't know where to post this, but I think it should go as a site post under either main news or gaming news - both are related. I had to post it because I thought it was pretty interesting. Here is the story:

(taken from, link:

HONG KONG, China (Reuters) -- A 13-year-old Hong Kong boy flew into a rage and threatened his parents with a kitchen knife after his father pulled the plug on his computer game, police said on Monday.

"The boy's mother told police the boy was thrashing about with a knife. Nobody was charged," a police spokeswoman said.

The father managed to overpower the boy and no one was injured in the fracas early on Sunday morning, a local newspaper reported.

The father pulled the plug on the game at around midnight when the boy refused to stop playing and go to bed.
man this kind of stuff annoys me.
"Kids watch too much TV"
"there's false advertising and porn and everything! we should get it taken off TV!"
"Games are too violent!"

its the PARENTS individual responsibility to decide what is and what isnt appropriate for their child, not a governing body. By all means have a governing body, lets not go nuts. But for gods sake, that kid pulled a knife on his dad for unplugging the PS2! can we say messed up moral structure?
If that were me and I pulled a knife on my dad, I wouldn't be here to write this reply :).
lol, thats pathetic, do you really have such a bad life, you wont even go to sleep while your on the computer?
I don't think this should be funny. hahah. But I can't help myself. haha.

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