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Bought v3c off ebay how do i get rid of the name?


OSNN One Post Wonder
What piece of software will allow me to get rid of the guys name on the phone. The people at Verzion said he hacked it and when I asked him about it he said his friend did it. So what did his friend use to put is name onto the phone

Thank Everyone!!!

Have a happy fathers day!!!


OSNN One Post Wonder
In the front of the phone it says the guys name and when I open it. I guess it should say verizon but I'm really not sure since I never seen it without.

What program do I use to edit it and where?



Razr V3 Modder
It's a seem edit is all, research what seem it is, and either remove it, or replace it with your name or something else.

I personally am not knowledgabe about the hacking of that version, but being that I am somewhat ok with hacking the V3, I can tell you that it can be editted, just need to know the location and the proper editting software - MPT or MobilEdit won't work either, but if you read and search you should have your answer(s)..

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