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Bought new tires and rims for my car, YEA!


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Well I fiannly broke down and bought new rims and tires for my 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. The old OEM tires (Eagle RSA's) have 66,700+ miles on them. Definalty time for new rubber. But I also have 2 bent rims so I am replaceing those wil a set of these:

MB Motorsports VR5S 18X8

and am wraping them in Pirelli Pzero nero M+S 225/40/18 tires. I can't wait till thurs or friday when they get here! WoooHooo!


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Goatman said:
Pic of your ride please. I wanna see what they look like on the car!
I don't have a camera here in GB, my wife has it in Cali so I will see if I can use a firends when I get them installed at the end of this week.


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Henyman said:
he he looks sweet, but expensive ;)
Well really it was much cheaper than the ones I really wanted. These were only $164/ea and the tires were only $141/ea for a total of $1350, really wasn't that expensive. Plus the place I got them from matches each wheel and tire, ballances them, and mounts the tires, and I got lifetime free replacement certificates for the tires. So when I get them all I have to do is put them on and I am good to go! :)

I am soooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Teddy said:
Is it just a visual thing or will the car ride better?
Both actually. The stock rims are ok but not that visually appealing. On top of that the stock rims are really bad, they are way too soft and get dented or bent easily.

Right now I have 2 rims that are bent soo bad they can't be properly ballanced, and I refuse to pay the $350 per rim to get stock replacements. The rims I bought are 1/2 a pound lighter (less unsprung weight) and are made from a better material so they won't dent so easy, not to mention half the price.

So there was many benifits to this long awaited upgrade.

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