Bots are joining, and posting bad things, please help


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12 Jan 2006
I am not sure where this goes but here it is anyways.
Recently, i have been experiencing lots of Bots joining the site, at least i believe they are bots.
They post about 5 posts a piece then stop, and the posts are usually about "Naughty things".
So you can see my dismay.
Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to stop the flood of bots. My forum runs Phpbb, and the security settings are the highest (Picture verification, and User Activation).

Please, if you have any suggestions it would help.

Site URL:

You sure they are bots? Haven't known of any that can bypass image verification and user activation as of yet.

If I was a bot I would have gone away, just going to that link made me have to think too hard on where to click :eek:
well I can see why you call it sanity's demise at anyrate...
Yeah that main page is really confusing, I have not idea what or where to click.
hahah click on the tree lol.........well van wants all that stuff on there. Yeah i dont think they are bots that register, unless someone made some super smart bots...
Starting to think the point of this whole thread was a shameless plug :p
He can have the RAZR users...
He can have the RAZR users...
Ill take em :)

Then do people pay these people to post?
They are all links to the same thing...
And im not over estimating, on average its like 30 posts a day, and growing...
So many things to delete.

I had an inkling that they weren't bots but come on...
LOL the whole point of the site is so you click on that huge sanity's demise banner after getting there via google.
i'm a moderator at two popular forums, i'm having to delete ~6 posts/threads each day. and that's just me, it's not like i'm patrolling the boards 24/7 :p

it happens. i don't think they're bots :)
I do manual activation on accounts for my website since all I get are spammers joining, I can delete them and ban their email address before they post anything.
I do manual activation on accounts for my website since all I get are spammers joining, I can delete them and ban their email address before they post anything.
Yeah, manual being admin activated?
I would, but it stops the people who are really interested from coming.
I know, i got several emails saying the site sucks, when i did it.
And the people werent bots, i can generally tell the names of the bots.
Yea, noone joins my site though, so it doesn't really matter lol I get about 5-6 bots a day.
Here at we made it so that you can post, and sign up, however all first posts have to be approved before being allowed to be seen by the public.
It's spelled "Ad", not "Add"
"Ad" is short for "advertisement". "Add" is a mathematical operation. I know it is petty, but it is something that would make me not want to do business with a company. Well, that and the crappy site design.
ah - the sp. is on the site - now I get it! (spot who did not click the link which was an Ad.!)

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