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Both XP Pro and XP Home Installed?


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I have upgraded my system to XP Pro, but i still have Xp Home on my computer to.
is there anyone way i can get rid of Home edition and not XP pro or do i have to do both er what

as far as home edition i have my Restore disk, if they are required

XP pro restore disk are at my friends so if i need em ill go get them
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Re: Please help

Did you install XP Professional on a different partition? Or do you think you still have XP Home installed because the boot manager says you do?

Also, in the future, use more specific thread titles so other users know what the thread is about.


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sorry matt im a noob to the fourms lol
i installed windows Xp pro on the same Partition as Xp Home was on, so theres 2 operating systems on one partition (C drive) ...i just want to get rid of home and get pro on there

if i have to get rid of both then put Pro on i will, i have already backed-up all my files.
If you can boot to XP PRO at startup and it's registry sees and runs all of the old programs you had installed then you can safely delete Home (or just disable the boot to Home option). Boot.ini file in the root directory has the boot up selection list.

If you boot to Pro and it does not have a complete registry (this is probably the case). You need to delete the new Pro install. (If it will let you, Windows resists uninstall.) Then go back and install it again but this time during the install watch for an option to install over or replace XP Home. It should ask you if you want to backup the old operating system so it can be restored. Say no to this since you have all your daat backed up. It creates a lot of clutter.

If this does not work Formatting is plan "B".

If you can not boot to PRO then you need to change the boot.ini setup. Edit it with notepad or search help and there is way to edit boot.ini using windows.

Note you can not install Home over a PRO install, windows refuses.

Startup options
-Open System in Control Panel.
-On the Advanced tab, under Startup and Recovery, click Settings.
-Under System startup, in the Default operating system list, click the operating system you want to start when you turn on or restart your computer.
-Select the Display list of operating systems for check box, and then type the number of seconds you want the list displayed before the default operating system starts automatically.
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thats what im trying to figure out just like deleting the actual operating system

i thought if i put a restore disk in it would but when i restarted my computer it went do DOS n said restore windows XP i diden't see an option to like delete the operating system, just restore and somthing else i forget..:suprised:


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Just out of curiosity - what makes you think the two Operating Systems are installed? Are you just being prompted with a boot menu that makes you choose which OS to go into when your computer starts?


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well i because when i was setting up XP pro and i was choosing a partition it said like NTFS or whatever it is then my operating system (Microsoft Windows Xp Home Edition)

but i figured it out a few minutes ago. When i was setting it up i diden't see the option to Delete a Partition and i did it now. so ya em good thanks all for your help and i have gave you all rep who have assisted me in this problem

see ya around

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