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Boredom breeds retail therapy :p

Ordered me the following:

Antec P182 gun metal black (no psu already have a tagan)
OCZ 4GB (2x2GB) PC2-6400 matched pair to go with my 2x1GB existing pair
vista ultimate 64bit
and a 24pin extension lead incase the tagan lead doesn't reach around the back of the mobo :)

Should keep me quiet on friday and over the weekend :)

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Re: Boredom breads retail therapy :p

Boredom breads? Never heard of that before. Is that a new loaf from Warburtons? :speechless: :laugh:
Stuff came at midday. PC finally rebuilt into the Antec at 4:30pm. Getting the Tagan and all its wires (this is modular) to fit was a bitch!

The back case panel now bulges where all the cables aren't quite flat enough (had to sit on it) but it closed and screwed shut.

Had to take the bottom fan out to power the VGA card :p

Got the two remaining fans on high speed. Not quiet but not annoying - and the speed contol is on top at the back so not hard to change. I can feel the air being pulled through the filters at the front though so all's good!

More details later.

If you are considering this Antec case though I would advise calling/emailing Antec Sales for a recommended PSU.


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Thought he bouught a new proc. Guess not.

Oh well, you're not as lame as I thought Lord :cool:

I'll see you on the flip side (i.e. after price drops)

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