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BootVis question: Registry+Pagefile & prefetching


Space Boogie

The Registry+Pagefile init time is 15.70 seconds.. Any suggestions on how to chop that down?

Also, the prefetching is taking 35.13 seconds...

Driver init time is 17 seconds...

Theres got to be a way to get this stuff down... Could this be fixed with new IDE drivers? registry tweaks? Somehow someway? My machine used to boot in 24 seconds... I had to reinstall and now its up to 45+ seconds..

I erased everything in the \windows\prefetch directory so there shouldnt be much being pre-fetched.. Ran bootvis a few times...

1.4Ghz Athlon
Epox 8K7A mainboard
512M DDR micron ram
Radeon 64M DDR VIVO videocard
IBM 7200rpm 60gig harddrives
Plexwriter 40/12/40 IDE burner

I have one pagefile thats 256M on my d: drive.

What else do you need to know?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Space Boogie

Nobody has any suggestions at all? Somebody here must be computer-nerd enough to know about this stuff! ;)
boot speed

Use BootVis optimization tool to optimize computer boot speed. Reboot and see if boot has improved. Go to prefetch and either delete all files or delete NTOBOOT file. Go to regedit.
(prefetch will start prefetching fresh copies on reboot)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/system/current controlset/Control/SessionManager/Memory Management/PrefetchParameters

Click on EnablePrefetcher and change the value from (3) to (1). Now close regedit and reboot.

This will still allow prefetching, but not the NTOBOOT file which is apparently XP's own boot trace prefetch file. This seems to allow holding of the BOOTVIS Optimization without trying to overide it with XP's boot tracing and optimization.

This fix is experimental, but has worked great for me. I noticed when you would use BootVis you would get one fast reboot then it would slow down. After using the above it holds the fast boot
always. (WARNING: This may only be reversible by system restore, make sure you are backed up before attempting)
If this helps or you need help with it let me know------

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