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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Acemanic, Dec 13, 2001.

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    I'm having a problem with that bootvis program...after i trace a bootup, bootvis will show me these graphs and stuff about the boot...ok, so i goto trace and then optimize, and it reboots...but when i get to the part where bootvis shows a window telling me to wait for optimization, i get two error messages saying that i 'timed out trying to load system scheduler' or something, and the other telling me to 'please defrag manually before running trace'...what's going on and what do i do?
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    put these services on automatic.

    COM+ System Application

    Task Scheduler

  3. One reason it might be giving you those errors might be due to the version of XP you are using.

    I got the same error with XP build 2505 and wouldnt work even if I did manually defragged.
    After some hunting around the Microsoft Knowledge Base I found out that the Bootvis.exe program wont work with anything below XP build 2517.
    I got a copy of XP Pro Build 2600 (RTM)
    The program works very well. I went from a 35-50 second boot to a 28 second one.

    Hope this helps you out.

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    bahhhh all u show offs

    my boot takes me 99seconds

    and i have a 1.2ghz with 256ram and a 15gb drive.

    it just doesn't make sense. i got a nvidia vid card but from what i can see the time it takes for the video to load is about 4-6seconds

    the big killer is the disk intitialization.

    it takes 60seconds of my boot
  5. 60 seconds for Disk Utilization?

    That chart isnt measured in seconds, its measured in a % of the disk being used throughout the boot. (i.e. 90% thru the 5th and 15th second of the boot)

    If your disk utilization is topped out most of the time then that could be a sign of a UDMA problem or a case when UDMA 33,66, or 100 isnt enabled

    The longest time in the boot process should be the driver initializations then the prefetching process

    I got my system to boot in 27.8 seconds on :
    Celeron 600
    384 ram
    10 gb UDMA-66 HD

    I tweaked my system so I only have 18 services running after a boot insead of 30 typically running after a clean install and no tweaking.

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    those + numbers do represent seconds.
  7. Well my bad i didnt realize how slow that is i just thought U read the numbers wrong.

    On my bar my disk initialization is only 1.9 seconds
    If your is 60 then It kinda sounds like a problem

    Here is a copy and paste of the documentation on Bootvis:

    Disk time is the time to enumerate all the devices in the non-page able device path. This is everything from the CPU to the boot disk drive; multiple IDE devices and slow IDE devices can affect this time. Typical disk time in Windows XP is 2 seconds, which is 4 times faster than Windows 2000.
    Driver time is the time to initialize devices.

    Hope you can get your box booting faster.
    Of the top of my head and with out being in front of your box I dont have any ideas. I'll look around and pound my head

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    hmmmmm i might know why

    i got an old WD 1.18gb drive that i use for mp3s.

    that could effect it but son of a biotch i can't believe that it would effect it that much!

    do you know what part the network particularily the DHCP is booted up? because my isp (Rogers@home) is changing its service away from @home and thus making some changes to there network.

    lol pisses me off sooooo much my other 350mhz with 92mb ram with WinME boots faster than this puter (1.2ghz) its just perplexting
  9. It would be worth it to disconnect your WD 1.3 once to see if it changes the boot speed.

    About your DHCP question,
    Well the DHCP services are started about 75% way thru your boot it would be in the section of Bootvis graph labeled "Logon + Services".

    Do you know what is changing about your cable service?

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    I have my XP machine behind 2Kserver using DHCP

    and my boot time is 23 seconds after following the guide waddy wrote ......

    i agree 60 seconds for disk utilization is terrible , i would run some diags or benchmarks on all your drives

    and try find out whats up
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    do u know any good benmarks for hdds?
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    i have a p2 333
    and my boot time is 47 seconds lol
    beating u GIGERZ!!!
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    i think nbench is a good Hard drive benchmarker or Si Soft Sandra

    Nbench - very nice little benchmarking program for Windows NT. Nbench reports the following components of performance:

    CPU speed: integer and floating operations/sec
    L1 and L2 cache speeds: MB/sec
    main memory speed: MB/sec
    disk read and write speeds: MB/sec
    SMP systems and multi-tasking OS efficiency can be tested using up to 20 separate threads of execution.

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    someone should really make a walk through explaining what every MS service does because i have disabled all but like 38 and i wanna know what else i can get rid of.

    some are obvious like "portable media serial number"

    i don't have a portable media i sooooo disabled it.

    but just for all of you who don't know u can disable services really easily by going to run and typing in "gpedit.msc"

    its a hidden MS console that for some reason they didn't put in the administration tools
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    AHHHHHHHHH error message with bootvis......check out the first attachment

    As of 645 am of December 17 this is what looked like to me. See second attackment. Anyone else have it look like that? Just curious
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    errr here's the first attachment displaying the bootvis error I get.
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    Thanks?? I guess that is for the WTF attachment. Dunno what it was but didn't have at when I woke up (11:11 am 5 hrs later) :)
  19. Alec

    Well Bootvis in essance is a graphical representation of your boot process giving you info on your cpu usage, disk I/O, disk utilization, avtivity and processes.

    On XP builds 2517 and later you can utilize the optimization tool in bootvis, which unlike a normal defrag, will move "unmovable" system files and device drivers on your hard disk to give you the shortest boot time.

    I can prob go on and on but I would eventually be quoting the Bootvis documentation anyways. Heres the addy to get the program and the documentation.

    Also off hand im not sure what exact services need to be running to use it, just dont turn on or off any services you wouldnt normally use in a regualr day.