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Bootvis & Prefetch => Please help



Hi Dudes,

I had one little question.

I turned of prefetch in the registry (dunno why but it has positive effects on my rig) but after this I can't use Bootvis anymore.
Useally I use Bootvis everytime I defragmented my harddrive just to be sure that it boots up as fast as possible but now I can't even use it anymore.

Does anyone know why?



Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
if bootvis needs prefetch, just enable prefetch for your optimization, time your start, turn off prefetch, time your start again...bootvis probably only needs the prefetch to configure

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
By the way, the expert thinking is that the only reason your comp. is faster dissabling prefetch is that prefetch was full, so try renabling, and maintain the file by deleting it once a month...let me know if this speeds things up


Not true. Prefetch only keeps "recent" files. Never a need to delete it.

BootVis optimizes the boot process by reordering both drivers and files that are loaded at startup. It looks for those files in Prefetch and if it can't find them there it wants to put them there. If you have your prefetch setting at 3 in the registry (Prefetch will then cache both programs and boot-up) your system will almost certainly benefit.


Thanks for the reply's,

I tried it last night and at first it looked all OK, I rebooted, Bootvis collected all the data in one file, Bootvis loaded again, "Optimize Sysyem, another reboot and than the strange thing.......it did something for about 5 seconds and after it was done.

This doesn't seem good to me but what the hell......with prefetch disabled I'm getting a useable desktop in less than 30 seconds :D

On Tuesday I did one of those nice format c: and maked an NTFS-partition on C:\ (I was runnung on FAT32 before), somethings seem faster but I'm not sure, after this I did a fresh install and just wanted everything in place again. I used Bootvis from the beginning and it always helped.

Greets from the Netherlands,


P.S: Dealer, Prefetch is just like your internet cookies but only for local files, when your rig is slowing down because of prefetch it needs to be really full (400MB).

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