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Bootup problem with iomdisk.sys and mup.sys



OK, I just bought a brand new Abit kr7a MB and XP2000+ proc, 512MB RAM.
I have been plagued with problems since I installed it last Thursday. Here is the chain of events:

1) Once I installed the system, I went into the BIOS and set it for the XP2000+ (was no option, had to set things to 13X 133.) and whenever I rebooted after saving the BIOS, I would have to unplug the computer and wait for the light to go out in order for the system to boot... but once it did, everything was fine.

2) I tried plugging in my external zip100 drive, and it didn't autodetect it.. so I went to iomega and the website said that no drivers should be needed, but to download a certain set if you need to.. so I did, and installed it.. and then 1/2 of the time windows would get a blue screen on startup.

3) I decided to uninstall the iomega software, and then the blue screen came about more often, about 2/3 to 3/4 of the time now. I did a safe mode boot and found it was hanging on a file: iomdisk.sys

4) I decided that once I got into windows, I would rename the file to iomdisk_backup.sys, and see what happens... well got a blue screen again, and tried safemode. This time I got it hanging on mup.sys.

5) I tried rebooting about 20 times this morning, and got a blue screen each time.

Any ideas? Did I majorly mess up in renaming to iomdisk.sys? I assumed it was an iomega driver causing me problems...



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actually renaming wasn't the best idea you had.

You can uncheck the drivers you don't want to start in msconfig

just if you would be able to get to windows, go to the 'run' box, and type msconfig.
iom and mup are both required system files...from the sounds of your problems i'd seriously consider a fresh re-install and see if the problems persist, sorry man =/

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