bootsector error,plz help me...

Hi, well I went to turn my computer on today and I had an error that said windows could not load "windows/system32/config/system

now I could not load in safe mode...
SO I inserted my windows CD and used repair... now my problem is that when I press "R" it doesn't scan anything, it just boots to a command prompt.
Now I never had to use the repair feature in my life, so I don't know how its suppose to work.

When I tried to run chkdsk /r it said that it could not repair or a file was missing or corrupt.

Now the only thing I was able to do was creat a new bootsector.
Now my problem is this.. Did I lose everything on my C:?

I didnt delete anything and I have access to another computer so I can install my HD as slave... is there a way to recover my files??

Thank you
A very sad partner today....

Well I plugged my drive in another computer and its detecting as a FAT file system when it was a NTFS and it says its only a 10meg drive when it was 320gigs... I'am thinking its only seeing the new FAT bootsector that was created.
I've installed getdataback for NTFS and it sees all my info, so I'am in the process of backing up my essential files.

Now my question is.. Is there a way for me to remove the fat bootsector that was created for C: and tell it to check my NTFS?

Everything is there.. my windows directory and everything.. I just want the computer to boot of this partition.
Any advice would be appreciated
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what?? lol

well i installted acronis true image and it doesnt recognize my HD, its says "bad" and I can't seem to be able to use secure zone as it doesn't seem to be able to read the HD
I'am runnning out of options, so atleast I was able to get my documents that I need and my pictures and I guess that I will just format the drive and reinstall..
What ticks me off is that the info is there and I can see it with getdataback, and I can copy the stuff over.. but I can't seem to be able to restore the partition of that section..
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repair install of windows. put your windows cd in and boot from it. one of the options should be to repair an existing install.
That's another problem, my CD boots and when I press R for repair, it just shoots me to my dos prompt, it doesnt scan or give me any options to fix anything.

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