booting XP into ram



Is it possible to create a diskless XP machine?

I would like to:

a) Create an XP image
b) Burn it to a CD
c) Power on
d) Create a biga** ramdisk 1 gig+
e) Copy the contents of the CD to the ramdisk
f) boot from the ramdisk

I doubt it's possible...and what would you be using to create the ramdisk?...cause once the disk is created..and the contents of the cd are copied over, you would have to restart to boot which would in turn wipe the ram!
I know. I guess that I was hoping that there was a way around this chicken egg problem.

It would be nice if the mobo/bios could include an option such as:

Create ramdisk from memory bank 1: X


I know that the RocketDrive people are working to make their product bootable. However, that is just too darn expensive :(


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