Booting Problem

Jan 10, 2004
I just hooked up my new system and when I power it on it starts up fine some times and goes through the post test and then turns off. It varries to how far a long it gets before it wants to shut off. I have never got the OS to boot. You have any sugestions?

Asus P4PE-X
P4 2.6
256mb ddr pc2700
2 hard drives (not sure of the specs)
GeForce 4 64mb
450 power supply
Jan 10, 2004
yup XP, hard drive was from my old computer. Just took it out and hooked it up. Could that be a problem?
Jan 10, 2004
Yeah now that I think of it, I do. Is that strange for the power just to turn off?

Thanks for your help! :D


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Mar 4, 2002
NO you must repair windows b4 someone talks you into a reformat, load the CD, ignore the 1st option to repair via recovery console and continue for a new install, when XP see's theres already an installation there it will ask if you want to repair it, click yes.

this is by design, so you mush have swopped onto a diffrent chipset to cause the problem, its more of a safty feature so theres not lots of chipset drivers floating about.
Jan 10, 2004
Alright Gonzo when I go home I will take your advice. Thanks for all the help, I thought That I would have to go get a new mobo. Good thing it did not turn out that way. :D


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Jan 25, 2003
Both the above are right.

IF you are using a new MB with the same chipset manufacturers a repair install will work and save you a mess of work. I have done this successfully many times using all VIA MB.

If you are changing chipset manufacturers (say VIA to Nvidia) a reformat is the only reasonable approach. It might be possible to successfully uninstall all chipset drivers before migrating the HD and then squeking by with a repair install. BUT this is a very labor and risk intensive approach. You are now past the point where the original drive can be assumed to still have it's windows install intact (you've booted multiple times in an incompatible hardware environment). Re-install, unless you have a disk image to copy over and experiment with.

I have migrated VIA to SIS and VIA to Nvidia recently and both were such a mess I chose to reformat in both cases after wasting many hours.

Time saving hint. Install windows with a new user name. When you are done your old my_documents will be intact and you can just copy most of the folders over to the new my_documents directory and then delete the old user account.

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