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Can anyone tell me how I should make my slipstreamed XP_SP1 CD bootable.
I am using Nero Burning Rom
I have downloaded the XPSP1 boot floppies, but I dont have 6 disks and Nero can only import 1 img file to the CD.


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I checked the settings in Nero about a 1000 times. Everything is EXACT as on that tutorial... check it out.

Can anyone help me? What is it that I'm doing wrong?




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even with your boot image and the other tutorial it is telling me to insert the windows XP pro cd into the floppy drive...

Ik krijg daar het schijt van!

That's my fourth cd wasted...

Any1 ideas? I'm doing exactly as told, but I'm doing something wrong... ther must be something.




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hmmm try downloading the latest version of nero, maybe that will help. but its very weird, my slipstream went perfectly in one cd. hmm are you slipstreaming an english copy of xp or a dutch copy?


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I updated Ner to after the first cd...
It's an OEM version of WinXP in English. At least I think it is. Here @ work we have a share with the cd on it, but I don't know which version it is exactly.

Setup.exe has a version of 5.1.2600.1106

What I don't get is the A: drive... why everytime the A: drive? I know for sure the emulation is disabled in Nero, like in the tutorial(s)




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hmmm im not sure if you can slipstream a oem version, but since its an english version, you may need the boot.img from the english xp cd to work.

ja ik weet het ik heb 2 versies van xp en niet 1 gekocht. maar dat kan mij wat schelen, M$ mag bij me komen klagen als ze er problemen mee hebben :)

I hope it will work this time, but first check if its possible to slipstream a oem

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You heard wrong. :D OEM has no problems with slipstreaming. It is an excellent way to reinstall xp. All patched & ready to go after the initial install. GREAT!

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