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when i went to the XP Launch Event, the Microsoft people showed an advanced XP support option that was basically booting XP from a CD and then opening a command prompt. it didn't load the desktop or anything, but you could run gui apps from the command prompt because you were essentially already running XP.
does anyone know how to do this or where i can find information on it?
Go into your BIOS, set your CD as the first boot device, save
your settings.

Insert your XP CD, reboot, and away you go. There will
be options for you to follow. I believe the Repair option
will take you to a command prompt.

Another option is to install Recovery Console which will
add an option to get to the command prompt every time
you boot.

Don't forget to set your BIOS back the way you had it when
you're done. :)


no, i don't think i'm being clear enough. you have a PC with problems that won't boot properly. there is a way to boot from a cd that loads the XP OS. you get the default XP wallpaper and a window opens to the command prompt. there are no desktop icons, start button or task bar. you can however type notepad.exe at the command prompt and it will open notepad in a gui window just like if you did a start | run and typed notepad.exe. they had a nifty name for it at the launch, but i can't remember what they caled it.


It's called safemode with command prompt...u can run anything from the command prompt and u dont even need the CD to run in this amazing new found mode! it looks just like dos too and when u open apps u get the app running fine! amazing! lol...
Huh... Never heard of anything like that, besides Safemode.

Let us know if you find it.

EDIT: Yeah... what Highwind7777 said. :)

P.S. F8 at bootup will take you to an option screen where
you can choose Safemode with command prompt.

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