Boot XP 1.25



Changing boot screen is a very easy operation:
1. Open c:\boot.ini in notepad and append '/KERNEL=<a file name>.exe' in the line of the OS you want.
2. Copy a boot screen you download in system32 folder (usually c:\windows\system32) under the same name '<a file name>.exe'.
Done. New boot screen is set.

Now you can do what ever you want with that file. Delete, rename, replace, what ever.

Note: You can't put a full path after '/KERNEL=', only a file name. So the file must be in system32 folder.
Note: This procedure is exactly the same for Win200 and WinXP. Nothing different.

IN ORDER TO RESTORE yours original boot screen, either delete the /KERNEL option or make a backup of boot.ini and restore it

Now, for BootXP:
When start, check the data of value 'FirstRun' under key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Freelance VIP\BootXP\Options' if is '0'. If it is, then instalation is done. If not, then it shows the First Run dialog.
When you select yours OS and the version, program:
1. Makes a copy of your current 'ntoskrnl.exe' (in systen32 folder) in the same folder, under the name 'LOGOOS.EXE'
2. Append '/KERNEL=LOGOOS.EXE' in the line of the OS you select. Here is a bug of the program: It doesn't check to see if the option /KERNEL exists, just append it and there is a posibility to have two /KERNEL options.

Note: If you want, in the First Run dialog, you can select not your current OS (Win200 users select WinXP, WinXP users select Win200). You will see that working the same.

Now, in order to work, every time you select a new screen (bitmap), replaces 3 bitmaps (background, overlay and progress) in the file 'LOGOOS.EXE' (if can't find some of that, just ignore).
In case of randomize do the same. Here is a second bug: Program doesn't run every time machine starts, but on every log on.


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This Program works great I really like it... It uses the BMP's from the downloaded bootscreens so you don't get mixed up laugages and other little quirks all it does is modify your existing NTKERNELOS with the new bitmaps from the downloaded bootscreen... Not to mention its actually cheap ware I might consider purchasing it even..... about time someone figured out that if you don't rip people off they'll support you....