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Boot Vis + windows XP

I read on microsoft that they no longer support the download of bootvis. My friend told me it does nothing for your computer and windows already does basiclly what boot vis does. Is this true?

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Yes, ask long as you leave the Task Scheduler and Prefetch settings to default, it will automatically optimize your bootfile layout. It takes 3 reboots for this to happen IIRC.

The only thing I've ever used bootvis for is to diagnose long bootup delays to see which driver(s) was/were at fault.
Please note that Bootvis.exe is not a tool that will improve boot/resume performance for end users. Contrary to some published reports, Bootvis.exe cannot reduce or alter a system's boot or resume performance. The boot optimization routines invoked by Bootvis.exe are built into Windows XP. These routines run automatically at pre-determined times as part of the normal operation of the operating system.

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