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Boot up issue


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recently installed new mobo and processor and now my hdd won't boot up i keep getting a harware configuration error. I have Win Xp home installed on it. I tried a HD with Win 98 on it and it booted up no problem. I also tried booting from the Win XP Cd will only work if i disconnect the HD and then when i try to repair, i plug the HD back in and it says it didn't find the HD and i wind up back at square one. I have also tried all the boot options given at the error screen. any help would be greatly appreciated.


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XP won't let you boot with such and extensive hardware change. To the OS it looks like it is now in another system. One of MS's ways of preventing piracy.


O.K. check cables and make sure you got right voltage running in. Boot with each new component, motherboard (duh of course) small amount of ram, add CD /dvd rom (what ever you got), floppy , ne other peripherals, boot each time you add one. Add HD connect cables correctly, make sure setting on drive are correct, like make sure it's a primary master, (make a boot disk from this iso and boot to cd rom drive and check for hd errors from it's diagnostic tools, here @ ftp://ftp.apl.washington.edu/archive/apps/ubcd221.zip ), other questions could ask, like is fan on properly over processor, you add grease, is it a configuration problem in cmos, like does it auto detect it as such? You have to be a doctor sometimes, keep trying different avenues, went through same ess ach I tee when I first built a PC;
If you have a blank hd try that. make sure all settings in bios are optimised setting first and run a check in hand book.

Just format hd if you must and start again.


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well i held down f8 to select my boot device and it seems to be working. i'm now "reparing" the files. it just might work. i'll keep you guys posted.


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i would but it's the womans computer, i'm not in the mood to backup all her files and then transfer them back. too much of a pain the the booty for me. plus, i'd have to re- dumb it down for her so she won't crash it again.:). it's better for me that it stays the way it is.

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