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Boot Questions

So I have a bad hard drive. I used Acronis PartitionExpert to copy the data from one drive to anther HD (primary OS). If I restart the PC and I setup the boot.ini file in the bad hard drive just to see if it would boot into XP and it would. Now when I remove the HD from the PC and just have the new one in. It boots up fine, but once I try to login it starts to load and then it logs me off. I have no idea what the problem is. Any one have any ideas?



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Does it happen in safe mode?

I'm not familiar with the product you used, but you are better off doing a type of image from disk-to-disk. If that is done properly, you won't have to edit the boot.ini at all :)


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If you just did a file-to-file copy, I wouldn't think that would work out too well. If you do something like that for an installed program like office or firefox for example, it won't work.

Things need to be installed properly.


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Try logging in as the named adminstrator and recopying your user files over form the old harddrive.

Then log out and back in.

But first. Did your account have a password?
I will give that a try steevo.
kcn - yes it only happens when I unplug the bad HD. So basicly it is booting from the bad HD and I select to boot into the good HD and it works. Taking out the bad HD and booting into the good HD causes the login problem.
Windows knows the new HD is not the same. But as long as it can find the "real" boot disk it will use the data from the image.

-Try copying the volume ID (the HD's windows signature) from the Bad HD to the new HD. Run vol at a dos prompt, write down the result then run VolumeID.exe (free download) to put the old id on the new disk.

-Doing a track 0 copy from the bad to the good HD. This is a riskier approach since we don't know for sure what is bad on the old drive it could cause problems on the new drive.

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