Boot problems


The Analog Kid
16 Mar 2002
Having boot problems. POST is fine. Windows boot screen shows and then comes out of that and hangs at a blank screen. Only major thing I've done to the system is a boot time defrag with diskeeper. I've booted multiple times since then. I can get into safe mode no problem. Any ideas?

Edit: I did install SP1 about less than 72 hours ago
running xp, I assume, have a look through the registry under


and see if it is hanging on something there. maybe a virus or a trojan?

otherwise, try bootvis from the M$ website for improoving bootup time.

good luck, ej
Try using the boot logging mode, found in the same F8 menu where you choose safe mode.

The log is saved as Ntbtlog.txt in your %SystemRoot% folder; when your computer freezes, the last entry in the log ought to be (part of) the problem.
Hey, netryder,

Question for ya. You moved this to operating systems. Thought that was supposed to be for "other" operating systems, other stuff for XP stuff???
This section used to initially be called "Other Operating Systems" and included only posts related to Windows 9x/*nix/Mac.
It was later renamed "Operating Systems" to incorporate all threads related to problems involving the OS itself, rather than to a specific application running on the OS, whether it be XP/2000/9x/*nix/Mac or anything else.

Hope that clears things up. :)
netryder, it's all good

Well, I've got this far. It's got to be a graphics problem. TNT2 32mb agp.

Safe mode was working cos of vga support

If I boot into vga mode all works

Just don't know what to try now

Uninstalled nvidia drivers (23.11 i think)

Problem is that if I then reboot, windows automatically installs new drivers, still have the hang
if I install latest official dets, still hangs

Help, it's nvidia hell!!!
Got everything sorted out. All is good now and I am happy. Four hours later. Turns out my video card had worked it's way loose. Could only function in VGA mode. Weird. First time I've ever had a card do that.

Thanks for all the help, btw, I did use Driver Cleaner when I thought it was a driver issue.

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