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Boot problem with Vista home premium

Whenever I boot into Vista, I get the Welcome Screen OK and then I get a blank blue screen (with cursor) for between 1 or 2 minutes. After that time the desktop appears and everything seems to work OK.
Any suggestions? I've done a virus and malware check, everything seems ok.



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Try disabling all start-up items as well, then seeing what happens. Adding them back in one by one or in a group could lead to the problem. Could also look in the event viewer to see if anything is getting logged, such as a service, program or driver hanging at logon.
It could just be lagging with the prescan start up. Do you have an antivirus running ?
I have got avast A/V running, but i've dsabled that and zone alarm and it's still the same.
Looks like its gonna have to be trial and error shuttin down startup progs 1 at a time.


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avast is a very good program, stick with it. Get rid of zone alarm. It might be something else in your start up causing it. Checking them one by one will help you root it out.


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Zone Alarm is known for causing issues with various programs and internet settings. Some of which make you have to uninstall the program to get said things working again. There are many times where even uninstalling the program will not work, and you will have to do a reformat to get rid of all the crap it leaves behind so you can get your connection back - Just like it is with Norton.

Do a search on google for "zone alarm sux" and you will find tons of posts about the issues.

Also, I do not believe those review sites. They are biased to whatever company pays them the most money. Just like GRC.com - He is always recommending ZA, but what he doesn't tell anyone is that he gets a cut of the profits ..

One more thing lol. If you have a nat router; you do not need a software firewall anyhow.


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What case are you resting lol? :p I didn't turn this into a mac sux thread lol. Even though I want a mac, but can not justify the cost of it as apposed to a windows pc ;)

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Just pointing out that any product will have someone up in arms ... no matter what it is ... my point is and was that ZA is a good product and it is ...

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