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Boot ini missing


I love the Penguin
I run a duel boot ( XP & Mandy 10 ) when I boot up and select windows from the LILO splash screen it comes up invalid boot ini file booting to C:/Windows and proceeds as normal.
So I entered msconfig in the run box to see what was wrong with the boot ini file, only to find it is not there any more.
Can anyone tell me what has happened and how to restore the Boot ini file.
-A program install wiped it (install anything new lately?)
-A virus wiped it (run an updated virus scan. AVG is good and free for download)
-Somebody's been messing with your machine (passworded or physically protected?)
-A disk clean up program got carried away (run a cleanup lately?).
-A microsoft moment (oh well, thats why they put in system restore).


I love the Penguin
The only thing I have installed lately is an update to Adobe Reader.
I allready Have AVG, ZA, Adaware, Spybot S&D and a2 squared on my computer so I doubt it could be a virus, so I will put this down to a microsoft moment.

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