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boot.ini file missing

So I downloaded SyleXP and I downloaded some really cool wallpaper and themes and then I thought I'd get some new boot screens. So I'm reading the install instructions and when I go to extract to boot.ini file its NoT TheReeee... I did several searches in explorer. Anybody know where the _uck I put it,.. I mean where it went,.. Can I redownload from somewhere or can I extract from my XP disk..
Make sure you're displaying hidden files as well as "protected operating system files" (uncheck those two boxes in Folder Options)
boot.ini should be in your root directory (C:\)
Without the boot.ini file you wouldn't be able to get into Windows, so it has to be somewhere on your hard drive.

Open Windows Explorer, hit Tools>Folder Options. Uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" and select "Show hidden files and folders"

Then check again in G:\ (or the root directory of any other drive if it's not there)
Let me know if you still can't find it.


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The Boot.ini is always going to be placed on C:\ or the primary partition on the primary harddrive.


Once you have found the boot.ini file what are you going to do with it?
Me wonders what "..when I go to extract to boot.ini file.." means.

If you want to edit your boot.ini file you can do it in system properties.
Right click "My Computer" icon > properties > Advanced > Startup and Recovery - Settings > System startup - click the "edit" button. This opens boot.ini in notepad.

Btw. you know how to use recovery console, don't you?
Sorry guys. Just got my email messages since Lycos went crazy this last week. So I "unchecked hide protected system files" and rebooted and ran a search in my G: drive (Primary) and only found the boot.ini notepad, and yoyo I'm looking for it so I can install some new boot screens from StyleXP, so other then that I don't need to find it.


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well I know you can see whats in the boot.ini via msconfig....theres another command you can run which loads up boot, win, system ini files in an editor but I cant remember what it is off the top of my head....
I don't know where else it would be YoYo. Like I said I was only needing it to load up some new boot screens from SyleXP. I'm probably not following the suggestions properly. I review and try again.

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