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boot from cd rom help

ok here is the hardware,

cmd 649 ide card
silicon image 680
silicon image 680 second card

in that order for ide devices

i have gone into the bios and put a cd rom in there to be the only boot device but when i turn on the computer it does not boot form it, it just goes to the hdd's

does anyone know how i can get it to boot with all the ide cards plueged in. i want to install eaither fedora or suse 9.1 and i have there disks i just need to boot from them.

any ideas?
There is an option in bios under the "boot from" section that says something like "boot from other devices". Make sure that is turned off or it will go straight to the HDD. I discovered this "feature" when trying to get a USB memory stick to be a boot device.

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if the CDROM is on the card (from what I understand), try SCSI for the forst boot option. However, I used to use a Promise IDE controller and couldn't boot from the cdroms, I had to connect it to the on-board IDE.


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Silly question but could it be you burned your linux cd's incorrectly? Does a known good bootable cd like your Windows cd boot from cd?


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canadian_divx said:
tought of that, my normal windows cd's work find and my suse cd will boot in my box here so i cant figure this one out
Well if other cds will boot then problem is with the way your burning those cds and not boot order/bios issue. What are you using to burn the ISO's?

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