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boot from cd help...



hey i had problems with xp, so i decided to reboot from the cd...so i did and did the recovery installation...
so here is wut i did:
reboot from xp cd
chose to do recovery installation

then the black screen were it says which do you want to do recovery too: n there was one choice which was number 1: c:\windows.
so i chose that one n pushed enter.
so then it showed like c:\windows>
then i didnt know what to put? what do i need to put so it will do a recovery installation for xp???

thanks...hope ytou understood that:confused:


OSNN Senior Addict
Are you trying to install the Automated Recovery Console or are you trying to fix problem problems with the XP installation?

Recovery basically allows you to recover from a severe problem that prevents you from running Windows.

If you need to fix problems with your XP installation then you need to select the Repair option when you boot to the XP CD. If Repair doesn't fix the problem then you should just reformat and do a clean install.
Exactly what jw50 said.

The Recovery Console is different than the repair option.
You won't see the repair option until after you start what
looks like a reinstall of XP.

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