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23 May 2003
been reading into slackware 9.1 (want to install on blank computer) and I'm surprised that I'm following, and its all going to plan BUT

this may be an elementary question, but since Im not sure, I figured I'd ask before downloading 4x 650Mb ISO discs...

on the buy page, it is made to sound like the OS installation will boot on its own if a CD is in a drive, much like the XP disc does
This 4-disc set includes: Bootable installation disc[...]

BUT when reading in "the book"(big composite of all slack knowledge) it sounds imperative (and logical) that to install I'd need a boot disk, which is the as kernel while installing [use special program (RAWRITEXP.exe) to write to floppy... which I dont even have in this computer ("what's a floppy?")] AND a Root disk, which contains the UI for installing [off of cd's containing the specific packs (a, ap, d, kde, etc)]. are these floppies just for older modes of installing, or are they in fact necessary?

oh holy Gods of NTFS... I pray (and bet) someone can help with this: am I set in downloading and running only the CDs, as it is made to sound, or do I in fact have to run the CDs anyway, but alongside the floppies? (and if floppies... since there are two, do they have to be inserted at the same time, ie, in two floppy drives?!)

many many thanks
All you need is the first 2 ISO's, and yes they are bootable so you do not have to create a boot floppy. jaw is still sitting on the desk

that was the fastest intelligent reply in the known history of the universe :eek:

exceptional gratitude and all that good sauce for the info, j79zlr :D

while still on topic, however, I thought I might sap you for some more info:
the official kernel of slack is 2.4.22, but 9.1 (as Im sure you know) was written to support 2.6; my question being: is it safe (and possible for someone of my limited experience) to install the new kernel after the installation of the OS? (and if so, from where should I pick it up?)

thanks again
you are godly, j79zlr, I bow to your superior knowledge of super proportions :D

thanks for clearing everything up for me (and as I said in some random other thread: I knew your tutorials would be handy :) )
Kernel 2.6.3 is well worth it. Running smooth as silk on my Slack 9.1 set up, and much snappier than the stock 2.4.22 kernel that's included :)
NetRyder said:
Kernel 2.6.3 is well worth it. Running smooth as silk on my Slack 9.1 set up, and much snappier than the stock 2.4.22 kernel that's included :)

oooo, didn't figure there would be a performance increase as well :D ... I'm so excited to get all this running, should be fun to set it all up (as I take a step deeper into nerd-dom :cool: )

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