Boot CD w/ dual boot

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cpu_jockey, Jan 8, 2002.

  1. cpu_jockey

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    I've found the guide for creating a boot cd, but I have a question maybe someone can answer before I try it. I have dual boot set up with ME and XP. Will this CD work as is or are there mods needed since XP is on the D drive? Thx
  2. pc_tek

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    not for sure why you would need a boot disk for XP??? but in any event, if you have a dual boot already setup, when you make a boot disk (assumming an XP boot disk), and you boot.ini doesnt include ME, you will have to manually add ME to your boot.ini. Just ensure that the 2 boot.ini's (XP & boot disk) read the same.

    I have never booted from a boot disk (because the CD is bootable), but i dont think it is going to prompt you for an OS even if you change the boot.ini. It is more of a repair disk than anything from my understanding. But anywho, I hope this helps.