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[Book Review] Snuff - Chuck Palahniuk


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I love Chuck Palahniuk. Fight Club was both an amazing book and movie. Survivor is one of the best things I've ever read and Invisible Monsters is pretty damned great too. But lately Chuck has been going from Dark to just plain old sick. Choke was messed up, entertaining, but messed up. Same thing with Lullaby and Diary. Then came Haunted. Haunted sucks. It has its moments, but not enough of them. Heres an example, its called Guts. Don't read it on a full stomach.


Anyway, Chuck rebounds with Rant. Which again is messed up, entertaining, but messed up. But now we have Snuff. A book so disgusting, so poorly conceived and executed that I can't even believe its the same author. Snuff is the tale of the world record gang bang. You read that right. Gang Bang. Its told from the stand point of a few people, I can't remember how many cause there are no names, just numbers (72,600,137 and some others I think). Each person has a chapter dedicated to their point of view. Interested approach but done before. Each of the numbers tell their side of the story while waiting for their "turn" in the gang bang. They spend their time talking about their history in the business, their screwed up personal lives, and all sorts of other things that make ones stomach turn. I'm not one for censorship or book burning, but I can't help but think Chuck wrote thing hoping to offend so many people that it wouldn't get published. Then maybe his mystique would live on long enough for him to write a good book again.

I guess all thats left is the movie rights. I for one think they might as well just give them to Uwe Boll cause theres no way it could be any good. Actually on 2nd though. Since we are talking about a guy who went from genius to trash so quickly maybe M Night Shamalan should direct it.

1/5 OSNN stars.

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