Board Reputation Points?

Friend of Bill

What, me worry?
1 Apr 2002
What are these forum reputation points about? I got 10 according to Is this good or bad?:confused:
You start out with 10 and receive them when you help people. For instance, I could gain a point for answering your question in this thread, if you were kind enough to give me one. ;) Check my sig for more info, or you can view this thread.
There was a whole discussion on it in the mod forum :)
rushm001 said:
Can't you do that yourself EP?

Yes, but that would be abusing the system, wouldn't it?
Besides, our friend Mauro Picotto already has "a reputation beyond repute"
So where do you view rep points? I don't see them under user names or in the profiles
Jewelzz said:
So where do you view rep points? I don't see them under user names or in the profiles

Members can only view the number of pips (the green things) another member has got.
You can find out how many points you have by going into the User CP.
Admins/Smods/Mods can go into the Mod CP to see the actual reputation points that a particular member has.
They used to be in profiles, or somewhere in CP, but they didn't show up until you got some (not incl the default ones(=)
Friend of Bill said:
Me or the point system?:confused:

Jewellz said its and not you, so that definitely means that its the point system. :p

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