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BMP to Jpeg Converter


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Does anyone use one, i could do it in photoshop but i just want a small program, so i can highlight all the bmps i want to convert right click and click convert, so it just converts into the same folder as the original bmps.

Anyone have any idea, sure there are a ton on the net, but i don't want one with spyware trojans crap on it.



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I think paint shop pro used to be able to do it, and that was free, well the shareware version anyway.


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i just installed it now and all it did was constantly crash.
been using it quite often, for years on many different pc's, can't recall it ever crashing it on me. were they just random?

that is a terrible program
not true, sir. one of the highest quality freeware/open source apps around :)


There is no answer!
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i thought it looked that way as well before i used it, i have a large amount of network connections and i just don't think it could handle them all, it kept on collapse and expanding the explorer window on the left all the time, or it would just lock up and i'd have to force close it.


IrfanView is probably the best free/most often used app I've found on the net. Loads of functionality. Does batch jobs as well (rename, resize, edit other characteristics).


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xnview and irfanview are very similar, i find xnview much easier to use and has many more functions. try disabling "launch browser at startup" in options>browser

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