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New designs are available on a later post...

Please post your opinions and suggestions. Or ideas.

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Lots of the pictures in your portfolio appear to be broken links

I would probably de-activate the link to the forum until you have it setup a bit more

Not really a point to have an Office 12 version of your resume atm. No one who looks at it will have that yet really, it looks a bit tacky IMO.


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What looks tacky? the resume or the site

Yea, I was thinking about just removing the portfolio page and forums untill done, but have't got around to that lol


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I think it's tacky that you went out of your way to post your resume first in the format that a very small population will be able to open.


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I posted both formats, plus, I'm not done, im just asking for feedback lol, I guess your right, should only have the normal format for now.

Anything else, more towards the site, then resume posting lol


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Yeah well if you used iFrame to build your site, change it from the default theme. If someone clicks on iFrame it brings them to their site, which looks almost exactly like your own.


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yes I would expect someone to say that, I was going to change it, which I did change stuff, but I liked it too much..i had gone through like 6 designs of my own, and then came across this one and was like wow nice,so thought I'd keep most of it...but I might change it

Thanks tdinc
seriously i really hate being critical, however you should really add more content... I wouldn't even upload your site until it's almost exactly how you like it....

good luck on the rest of the site :)
a little advice from one web designer to another.

when thinking of redoing your site, stop. IMPROVE your current design, do not waste time creating 25 templates, just improve the one you have. When you reach a limit and cant improve and you NEED to change it to add new functionality - that is the time to recreate. And while you're re-creating, you'll have your improved site up still gaining an audience. Improve, Tweek, Modify - Recreate as little as possible. a bonus is that you'll gain knowlege while you're tweeking, if you just keep recreating, you learn to do the same things over and over - not learning just looping.

good luck.


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Thanks alot, great advice.

Since I have it up and running already, I'm leaving it, since only few people know of it for now (you guys). I'll keep working on this design, changing and such.

Thanks for the tips once again.
also.... this is obvious, however you should really pay the 7-8 bucks to get ur own domain.... it will help bunches with traffic :) btw.. i like the design, but it's true that it looks almost identical to iframes homepage... that won't really help with getting clients...

let us know when you finish! it will be a good site yet :)


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I am going to pay for my own domain, and most likely a better host. I know I'm going to be done the site before I can pay for it, so I found these guys.

I'm changing the design, I had another layout I liked, I might mix them together or something. I'll give you guys an update later on.



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I would change the text that you currently have to make it sound more professional.

I think the site looks clean and smooth tbh :)

The text should match up to it. I'll probably be on msn later tonite, we can chat then or something.


I wanted to emphasize that I don't mean change the font, I meant what you had actually written instead.
Who Am I?

Hey, My name is Brendon Wadey. I am 18 years old and just finishing highschool. I spend most of my time on the computer. I am a Web/graphic designer. Most would say I'm into multimedia.

that last sentence does'nt quite fit does it? idk... it just would sound better without it i think... also -sazar, are you talking about his logo text on the header? i also agree that you should do something smooth there - crystalize it :D

edit: do something like shooter's sig..... that would be perfect there :)


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Saz, I knew thats what you were talking about. I kind thought the whole multimedia part was kind of umm korny or whatever, but I thought it wouldn't really matter, cause that part is really just about me and wouldn't have to be 100% perfessional.

Yea, if your on later we will talk..

Thanks NLM, but I'm going to work on it much more, make it more my own design, since web design is half the stuff I do, I just really liked that design lol

What's shooters sig look like, I can't seemt to find any posts by him or anything...

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