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bluetooth network


High On Life!
ok guys since im on a network on my compound with my pc i got another bluetooth adapter for my laptop to use the internet through my pc and also share files on my pc and laptop. how do i share files only with the bluetooth network and not with the normal network like in permissions i try to say users "Karam" (laptop computer name) but it wont close the thing plz help
You could use some more punctuations you know. I gathered that it had something to do with Bluetooth networking and file sharing but that's about it. Is the network working or not? Is it permission problems? Do you want some other way to share files? That's why I didn't answer.

It's all in the details. :)


High On Life!
no everythign is working great!:) but if i share the folders it will share it with everyone on the two networks (bluetooth: my laptop) (Lan Connection: everyone on my compound) so the thing is how do i make it only share with my bluetooth connection or only the laptop and not to the outside network what would i have to do with the permissions. also i would like my laptop only to use the printer i have on here!


Are you using both networks simultainously?
If not you can do the 2 profile technique.
1. Work
2. Home
Other then that, the only way I know to restrict sharing is by users.


High On Life!
yeah exactly i only want (karam) laptop computer name on bluetooth network to be able to access the folders, i dont want anyone from the acutal lan getting in. yeah i use them at the same time thats how i get internet on the laptop, from the pc


much easier and effective disabling *file and printer sharing services* on the lan connection config

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