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Bluetooth help requested


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luetooth help requested
I am trying to get my motorola v600 phone to work with mobile phone tools and my linksys bluetooth adapter. I have it at the point where it is using the wildcomm drivers and the icon is blue and white, but whenever I try to set up mobile phone tools it says Comm port installation failed. When i try to access the files through the bluetooth explorer window it says it cannot connect to the device... it can see and activate the device fine but otherwise nothing works

please help me solve this problem its sort of driving me nuts

if you're on XP SP2 then you need to, after the driver installation that is, go to device manager and then go to bluetooth select generic bluetooth devices right click and update driver select driver from the list manually and you'll see one that says your bluetooth adapter's name and you should be done installing that bluetooth device. and by then you could turn on your bluetooth on your phone and then open my bluetooth spaces on your desktop and browse your phone


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yeah ive done that and the bluetooth works as far as the icon is the proper icon (blue with white not red) seems to be the only problem is the com ports or something

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