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Bluetooth Headsets


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Are you using a Bluetooth headset? I'm looking to buy one but am not sure where to start. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, something simple and easy to use. Reliability is a major factor in my decision too.


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You can check them for battery life, Bluetooth version, amount of microphones, audio quality and of course extra goodies such as A2DP. Oh, and of course also the fit! There's nothing more annoying than having purchased something that doesn't fit you.

I suggested that you can have a look at the Jabra BT8010 bluetooth headset, I like it , I have tried some other bluetooth headset also:
- Radio shack 2.4GHz Wireless Stereo Headphones
(Uncomfortable heavy kill your ears)
- Creative's SE2300 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
(oh my aching ears...ouch!)
- Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones with Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
(very nice! 99.9% there, but, they must be worn upside down and without the ear hug. Although very soft the position of the ear piece digs in your ear and need constant adjustment.)
The Jabra BT8010 bluetooth headset with up to 300h standby time, and bluetooth 2.0 mono. The microphone is very clear.
And the price for it has dropped a lot, I got it for $55, but a recent deal on it is $49 , you can have a look at it .


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You may also checkout the Jawbone made by aliph, sold online and by at&t stores. Headset has all the many features you may be looking for and also a noise shield button which cancels out background noise, it works great for me from the jail to the streets. Happy hunting.

I purchased mine from tigerdirect for $79.00


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I'll add my vote to the jawbone.. one of the best bluetooth headsets I've used personally.
I also really liked the Motorola H700 that I had before that.

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I can't stand the sound quality of the sets that don't sit in the ear canal but some people can't stand the feeling, myself included, I usually only wear the earpiece when I'm on a call since my ear is kind of close to my brain and I really don't want microwaves going there unless I have to

there's also some with noise reduction which seems to work nicely so look into those also
Hubs has been through a few that either didn't fit comfortably or just didn't have clear sound. He's settled on a Playtronics and loves it.
I was never a fan on the in-ear headsets, but I find that Plantronics makes some comfortable ear pieces. I have the Plantronics Discovery 925, and I'm very happy with it.
A friend of mine had the Discovery 645, and the gel inner ear piece is the most comfortable I've seen. cnet.com has some good reviews. I'd check them out.

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