Blue screen when installing H+ drivers - Help



When I install H+ drivers I get blue screen after the second reboot.

1. The system find my H+ and I install the latest drivers.
2. Rebooting the system.
3. Installing application.
4. Rebooting - blue screen.
5. Booting in to safe mode and uninstall the drivers.

Have any one got the H+ to work with XP?

Tried the 2.0 version, and got this results, installed the drivers, restart, installed the application and restarted my system several times to see that averything worked, didn't see any conflicts or so. Started a DVD movie, and RealMagic wanted to callibrate the monitor, the screen went black. (No callibration) restarted and got the Blue Screen again:
Stop 0x000000C2 (0x00000007, 0x00000CD4, 0x000D0084, 0xF793F6FF)

Uninstall the H+ and installed it again - and the Blue Screen was coming back....

If anyone knows anything about it let me know, thanx;)

For you info - H+ worked with W2K and I have not changed any hw settings in the BIOS or so, and the XP are a clean installation.
Just a thought, seems like you got the 2.0 version drivers to install ok, but the problem appeared when running the software, have you tried compatability as you said that it ran ok under W2K
I got it to work with 2.0 drivers with W2K compatability, I could play a movie for some minutes then the system hanged, and after a reset the system comes up with the Blue Screen:mad:
Started in safe mode and unistall the H+, tried to reinstall the drivers again but the Blue Screen comes up again:mad:
Tried with the latest beta drivers again - Blue Screen.
Tried to set another IRQ in BIOS for the H+ same results -Blue Screen. :mad:
What else can I try? Move the H+ to another slot?

The little time I got it to work I couldn't see any conflict in the system.
Is this a dvd kit?? card and dvd-rom bundle? If so, will your dvd work on a regular IDE channel?

I know you're kinda stuck with the drivers, but have you tried any third party applications like PowerDVD XP or anything else? It's a shot in the dark but you might try it if you can get the drivers to take again.

Another shot in the dark here (and i mean it, i'm stretchin), but ATI's new software bundle is out for their capture cards. I'm running an ATI All-in-wonder Radeon and the software bundle is working well for me (all except the DVD player, which is crap anyway - they're still developing it). I'm using PowerDVD for movies and it roks, the best player i've used.

Remember now, you're stuff was already broke before i started messing with your mind so take this stuff at your own risk. Seriously though, i really hope something works for you.
I was just going to take a dose of my own medicine. I was ready to set a system restore point and install the Hollywood Plus dvd player and see if it would blue screen me. I opened the readme file and this jumped out at me:

1 - If you are using Microsoft Office XP and you have its utility
CTFMON.EXE running, it'll stop DVD Station - the Hollywood Plus-
DVD player from playing encrypted movies. This utility injects
MSCTF.DLL in the memory space given by Windows to hardware and
software manufacturers. A workaround is under investigation to
avoid this conflict. A temporary solution is to disable this
utility before the playback of movies : press CTRL+ALT+DEL,
click on CTFMON.EXE, and click "End Task". After the movie
playback, restart CTFMON.exe from Start-Run : ctfmon.exe & OK.

Did you see this and shutdown ctfmon.exe before playing your movie? I'll wait for an answer before i install this for a test.
Hi Lonman,

I didn't bought it in a DVD kit, I'm using a Pioneer 105s with the H+ (H+ just to be able to see the films on the TV) because I don't have any TV output on my grahpic card.

Yes I did shutdown the ctfmon.exe before I started the movie (when I had the 2.0 drivers to work an was able to play the movie for some minutes)

Have not tried with Power DVD, I guess that I can't see the movie on the TV if I use Power becuse I must use H+ card.
Oh ok, that ATI bundle idea is moot then because this is a problem you're having when you output to your tv from the H+ card. The ATI output function is actually part of the driver package, not in the bundled applicaton package.

Geez, i'm stumped. I guess you'll have to wait for the 2.2 package to come out of beta to give it another go. I've got a similar issue... waiting for my hardware vendor to catch up to XP.

Hopefully we can put a twist on the old axiom, "Time heals all wounds," to "Time heals all compatibility issues."
Thanks anyway for trying to help me, I've emailed the support at Sigmadesigns about my problem, I just have to wait and see if they reply. (I know that I'm not the only one with driver problem for H+ after reading the newsgroup)

If any one else have any suggestions please post it here.

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