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Blue Screen Then Restart?

Hi all

Im sure this has been Discused a Thousand Times, but everytime on NTFS i Search 4 a post i get cannot Display page today 4 some reason, Anyhow, When My Computer has been on for More than 4 hrs and i click Shutdown, or even Logoff i get a quick Blue Screen then the computer restarts?

Ive Been on http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;311806

and it says u get this if u have Easy Cd Creator 5 in, Which i dont lol, i dont have any CD Wrting Software on my computer @ all, so shud i still do wat they say to do?


Pls Help


P.S Ive Disabeld the Auto Restart but the comp aint been on that long 4 me to get the error lol


Penguin Rancher
Ok, if you startup your computer from a fresh start, you can restart, logoff, and do evertthing without the Blue Screen of Death and resart.

But when you go past around a 4 hour mark, you can't do these things without a BSoD and restart?

Just for the record. If you have windows XP, you do have cd burning software on your computer and its made by roxio. The Windows XP built in cd burning utility was developed by Roxio.

My recommendation would be to make sure you have all of Microsoft's ASPI and cd burning updates from Windows Update. Windows in like a teetering log, whether you use the cd burning utiltiy or not it can affect other parts of the operating system if not updated with the other components. It can fall over the ledge with just the slighest blow of air.

If the problem still persists, look to see what programs are running in the background. It sounds like a program or service running is eating away at your system over time causing a crash when windows wants it to close.

Extreme Last resort - format and start again.
Allrdy done a format n it keeps happenin, n d patch is only for Easy cd 5? so how can i get it? n i do have all the updates, n ive checked to c if programs r runnin n none r.


Penguin Rancher
Ok, from a fresh install, there isn't much software that can be causing your problem.

Get rid of Roxio all together. Uninstall it if you have it on your computer. Let your computer run for 5 or 6 hours and see if it still gives you a problem.

If You have a fresh install, All the windows updates, and no extra programs on the system - and it still continues to crash on close, restart, and logoff. -

Its likely a hardware issue. It doesn't sound like a hardware problem at all, but there isn't much left of software if you follow all these guidelines.

Install Xp and nothing else. Get all the Windows updates.
Test the system.

If it still persists, its time to look at hardware
i have nothing from roxi excpet the xp Built in CR Wrting thing, its only been doin this since i got incredimail the new version, its keeps my interent on for ages over 10 hrs wen i used to get d/c after 3, however it is also installed on my other computer runnin the same config as mine n it got no probs


Are there any error messages in event viewer (type eventvwr.msc in Run)?

Also there are reports that some Logitech mouse and keyboard drivers cause this problem.

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