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Blue Screen Of Death



while booting my XP machine this morning, I received a blue screen of death which reads something like this: " STOP: c0000221 unknown Hard Error\SystemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll" The machine just freezes. What could have happened?

By the way, I had installed XP on a new Quantum 20GB harddisk the night before. When I reset, I come to this apology page which asked me what I would like to do.... safe mode and so on or a normal boot-up. So I enter normal and it boots up. Can someone tell me what went wrong here? :(
Seems like a missing file. Maybe even corrupted file system. I'd suggest a repair or just a clean reinstall (if this is the new disc anyway).
It looks like the file is corrupt:


If you can get into safe mode, open a command window and type in 'sfc /scannow.' This will check your system files and prompt you to replace any that are damaged, etc.

If you're running fat32, you might consider switching to ntfs, which will virtually eliminate this type of file corruption. Of course it won't be 100%... but ntfs so outdistances fat32 there's really no comparing the two.

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