Hi all, i got this major problem and its really annoying... whenever i play a game (Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Operation Flashpoint, etc...) i get this blue screen giving the above error message. Sometimes it appears after 5 minutes of play, sometimes after 30-60 minutes. Any solution for this or maybe somebody who knows the cause to this all...

oh yeah, before i forget, 10 minutes ago i had a bleu screen saying 'PAGEFAULT_IN_NON_PAGE' or something, anybody knows what this is?

I have an Asus A7V with the 1004D BIOS (not the latest but the best, i tried the latest - didnt solved the problem), i got 512 MB Ram. here's the rest of my hardware

Radeon 64MB DDR - IRQ 09
Soundblaster Live! - IRQ 09
Promise ATA100 - IRQ 09
Realtek 8029 - IRQ 09
Realtek 8139 - IRQ 09

djeezes, i didn't notice this all that every device i use is on IRQ 9 but it isn't giving any conflicts in the device manager so i think its okay... anyway, can this be the cause? and how to change IRQs of PnP devices?

thnx in advance
Try to get your soundblaster on IRQ 11
and the realtek on IRQ 10

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