Blue LED's

Blue LED's Cool as or What?

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Sorry - Xsiv = Pseudokiller - dunno what i was thinking.
Reds / Greens are really overused, its true, but blue ones just look like the mutts, especially whe you get a superbright one that you can use like a mini torch. They are also bringing out white ones now - could be smart as well, but i think the blue ones take the crown.


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It's a shame that Blue LEDs aren't used in more things, but they cost a hell of a lot more than "normal" LEDs (green/red/yellow) which is why, I suppose.


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I like blue LED's, it's my favorite color. Though they use about five volts and in applications such as console modding they can suck juice up if you use a lot with limited amounts of power availble :p. In other words, red ones use about 1.5 or 3, I can't remember but it's one of the two.


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