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Blubster Rocks



Why bother with all the others like KaZaA, with their spyware and having to remove the spyware. Blubster is the best when it comes to mp3 downloads. There is one little minor detail about this and it is really hard to config if you are behind a router. Here is how to; if you have a router. You need to forward the following ports in to your router they are 41170 to 41350 Protocol both tcp & udp, dont forget to put the ip adress of the computer the one that the dhcp assinged its starts like 192.168.1.xxx . If you are able to download then you are set, but if not you may need to force the connection by putting the real ip assinged by your DSL Or Cable provider to Blubster located in the config then in the connection.
Actually the best file sharing service in the world is Mirc :) Never a thing I can't find...and I'd like to see you pull stuff off of blubster as fast as I can pull stuff off of a DCC server being run on a OC-48 connection heh :)



sorry i disagree.....BLUBSTER is the best mp3 share program available, i have use almost all of the file sharing programs and blubster really kick ass!!!!!

And if u like mirc cool , but it do not compare to blubster, i download way to fast something i cant achieve in mirc, or any other file share


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I'm inclined to agree with Q, but that's just me. I'm not nuts about public MP3s in the first place (no one seems to know how to encode properly anyway), and most of the file sharing networks are pretty useless for anything else. I haven't found anything that replaces irc fservs.

But who asked me anyway. :p

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