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Hey guys...Little inconvenience here.

My sister keeps using up most of our upload bandwidth by using the webcam feature on msn. Is there any way to block this feature from her pc by means of ports blocking or something along those lines? Or maybe forwarding those ports used to my own pc instead...
Its getting irritating, especially when I try to upload stuff to my school's server or other things...

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I'm sorry Hal...
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Theres no single port or range which MSN uses only for video

I think these are the main ones used for audio and video, try expermenting and see what works
1863-1863 tcp udp
5190-5190 udp
6891-6901 tcp


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Geffy said:
remove webcam? or is it viewing?

as Khayman said, try those port settings and see how it goes
where should i use those ports? in my linksys router theres a normal port forwarding section, and then theres a UnPnP section...i can put all of those in the normal one, but there isn't enough places to do it in the UnPnP. will it work in either one?


i think if unpnp is enabled, then it will automatically open the ports needed when she starts msn...

what u could do is disable unpnp service on her machine?
or use tcpviewer while shes on the videocam, and block the ports to her lan ip..
or just pay extra for a bigger bandwidth isp you meany:)


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Not sure if this is relevant to newer versions of msn...
I found these (for non uPNP):

TCP : 1863,5060,1503,3389,6891-6901
UDP : 1863,5004-65535

details below:

5004 - 65535: audio and video communication
6891: one file transfer
6891 - 6900: 10 simultaneous file transfers
6901 is for voice communications
1503: application and whiteboard sharing
3389: remote assistance
5060 for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)