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Blocking Email Addresses In Outlook Or In Outlook Express



I have some hotmail address and i want to know if there is anyway to block email address in outlook or outlook express? I can block addresses when i am on hotmail.com. I was just wondering if anyone knew how to block emails in outlook or outlook express... Jay
From your e-mail Inbox or the list of messages in a newsgroup, select a message from a sender you want to block.

On the Message menu, click Block Sender.

This is for Outlook Express. Don't know about Outlook.


Thanks for your response Lonman but "Block Sender" option in my outlook express is unclickable. What do you think the problem might be. Jay


I was actually trying to block an email addy but it didint work. i even double click an email to be open in a new window and in that new window i still could not block the email.
That's wierd. Maybe Outlook is interferring somehow. Try to find your solution through it and see if it works. Do you use both? If not try uninstalling Outlook and see if it helps. The only things I've loaded from Office XP Pro is Word, FrontPage and Photo Editor.

I found my first suggestion in the help file of Outlook Express. Maybe Outlook's Help will be helpful - it does happen on occasion, lol - but don't count on it.
I just found this in the help section of OE:

To manage the blocked senders list

1) On the Tools menu, point to Message Rules, and then click Block Senders List.
2) To remove a sender or domain from the list, select the name and click Remove.
3) To change a sender's name or domain on the list, select the name and click Modify. Make your changes in the dialog box and click OK.
4) To add a new sender or domain to the list, click Add. Enter the information in the dialog box and click OK.
5) Click OK in the Message Rules dialog box to apply rules that have been added or changed.

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