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blocking aol users


Dabba Dooba
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i dont think there is but u could always have another account on windows so u can limit the activity altogether like not having them run aim. What do u want to block certain people from signing into AIM?


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He wants to block AIM users. From his question it would appear that he doesn't want to use it either since that would make him an AIM user himself.
what i meant was other people besides myself. whenever someone else comes on my computer they screw something up, so if all they want to do is chat then there is no reason they'd want to go on


Blame me for the RAZR's
hehe i though so. Are you dedicated to aim? trillain works well and for someone else to sign on to it its a hudge pain in the ars.

other than an diff client in aim i dont think there is away to block certain users. without blocking yourself.


Dabba Dooba
Political User
yes it does have dif profiles for dif users but that wouldnt matter. It would be pretty hard to block someone else without blocking yourself. Do what sray said cause he is right. it is a pain to make a new user.


OSNN One Post Wonder
You could try hding the installation, install to a inconspicuous directory. delete the start menu desktop and quicklaunch shortcuts. Rename the .exe

Then only you will know how to access it?


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then the people come to your PC, go on the net, and download a new binary, and install it, INCLUDING all the AOL icons you decide to never install, so that you have AOL icons everywhere but the kitchen sink.

If you use Zonealarm, set it to auto block AIM frmo accessing the net. Then when you want to go on, set it to allow it, and AIM, then block it again.


Double O Egghead

You need software that restores your desktop on reboot. any and all changes are reversed and any files deleted are restored and all formating and viruses downloaded are gone after reboot all files are as you preserved them

Examples of this software are:


Drive vaccine,

Clean slate,

This software is perfect for you because the people could delete your windows directory or download viruses and keyloggers or games or ????? and all you do is reboot and your computer is how you left it!
Stop the program and you can save your work. restart the program and your computer and your pc is gaurded again.

but this soiftware cost's money and at this time I could not locate a freeware version but i'm sure they exist. Try the demo's and if you like the program I would find a way to get your buddies to pitch in.

Why don't you just set a password up on the computer? A simple screen saver password would do. If only you know the password, only you and whoever else you decide to give the password to can use it... Heh...why do you have people using your computer anyway? Big Family?
It's very easy to find password protection programs that are better than the windows screensaver (IE, a simple reboot won't bypass it)
Just use google.
Hope I helped.

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