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Blocking ALL sites apart from one i determine

I have a pc at work where i have managed to tie in to a server, however i would like to allow people to check e-mails(i.e. hotmail,aol,yahoo and various other isp mail) , how can i block all sites apart from the ones listed above also so they cannot open sites from links in email etc.

Thanks in advance.


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What are you doing tying into a company server that you have no control over, but yet trying to limit people from accessing certain websites? Are you the admin? This sounds weird...
No the company has been getting annoyed about the amount of time online whilst onshift. So to try and stop it and so we can still get access to mails i want to stop people surfing but still allow them to read their mail .So this means that no-one can spoil it for others as what usually happens

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If this is Internet Explorer you could enable content advisor then make a list of disapproved sites.
Then type in a password and anybody without password could not get those sites to work.
But you would have to put all the URL's in or add them as people try to go to them.
It is internet explorer but i couldn't sit and type in everysingle URL. What would be easier would be to block everything and only allow the ones we need.

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