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Blocking ADs across all browser types?

Hey guys I'm hoping you can help me with a program I'm looking for that blocks ads no matter what browser you're using. It is a paid program. It has the ability to download an updated list.

I use to use this program but haven't in a long time. I use mainly FF, but switch to IE for various things. This program would allow me to have a list of blocked sites/strings which would prevent ads from appearing.

Any suggestions please...
Wow i love this program. Nomore ads. I never even thought it was possible.
I couldn't agree more. I've used this in the past until switching primarily to Firefox, however, I still use IE for various things and hate seeing so many irritating Ads. I guess using Firefox with the Ad Block extension has spoiled me somewhat and therefore I came looking here in hopes that someone could remind me of it.

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