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Hey all,

I don't know whats going on but for the past few days I've been unable to login to or any of its related sites (fantasy games, scores etc). I tried to get on with my roommates computer and he can connect with no problems. Now we are on the same network so it can't be anything with my router. I figure its got to be a setting in IE, a program I've recently installed or I've been banned from the site. I don't think I could be banned, I haven't done any hacking ever (woudn't even know how to start), I can't find any program that could be blocking me or any internal IE settings. Any ideas?

EDIT: It also seems hates me too.


I mentioned the following in your System Restore thread - but thought I had better add it here also - to make sure you saw it!

In IE go to Tools, Options, Privacy, Edit and see if or the other sites you can not get to are listed in the Managed Web Site list and listed as blocked!


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I can't find any settings that need to be changed and system restore doesn't fix anything. I think I'll reformat and see what happens. Thanks anyway though.


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it could be something nasty happened to you hosts file in the windows folder.

check if is in the entry

open the file HOSTS with any text editor.
my buddy had a similar problem but with .... luckily he can use ....

the only other thing i can think of right now is somehow the DNS cache on your pc has been corrupted. I don't really think this will work but you can try typing in a command window "ipconfig /flushdns"

you might also want to check if your DNS server got changed from something other than automatic in the TCP/IP setting....


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I FIXED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this was purely a guess on my part but it worked. Seems PeerGuardian was doing the blocking. The espn links were being blocked as Disney Channel and the somethingawful links were blocked as something called nhi. I think some overzealous person at peerguardian saw disney and just blocked everything owned by them... which is probably a third of the net by now.

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