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10 Feb 2003
I was searching around the internet and I noticed a program called PeerGuardian, seeing it before but not paying close attention I lazily downloaded and installed it to see if it was any good. Besides the gigantic footprint, it appeared to be a reasonable app, which maintains a list of banned IP's designated by the author(s).

Officially said:
The PeerGuardian IP database contains those IP addresses suspected to be used by the music industry to probe and identify MP3 music file sharing servers. These IP addresses, for example, may represent computers owned by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) or the Motion Picture Association of America. The maintainers of PeerGuardian refresh its IP database regularly.

Not only these organizations but many others.

Now the thing about it is you can export this list and import it directly into any popular firewalls that support custom filters!

After further research I came back with a program called ZAUpdate specifically built for ZoneAlarm Pro* users. By backing up the xml file used to store user preferences in ZoneAlarm Pro the program combines the database used in PeerGuardian and creates rules so you don't have to import them all, which would take FOREVER. So you can keep your banned IP's list up to date and not worry about doing everything manually yourself. PeerGuardian itself has the feature to export its list aswell.

To summarize, by exporting the database and combining it into the custom filters list of your firewall, you effectively block out these harmful sites without having to run a 3rd party apps or built in blockers such the one included in the KazaaLite versions, which I might add utilizes the PeerGuardian database file itself.

Listed below is the ZAUpdate site, PeerGuardian and a handy online filter conversion site (Azureus support is on this page!)

ZAUpdate Homepage
Filter Conversion
I tried ZA once but it slowed my browsing down to much, then again that was on my old Celeron 850. Is it still known for slowing down browsing? My ISP reccomends against using it for some strange reason
which ISP is that belveder? get other firewalls like tiny or somethin to protect. Better something then nothing in my book.
...import it directly into any popular firewalls that support custom filters!
You could use another firewall and benefit from this.
That filter conversion site is awesome. This beats the hell out of using that resource hog peerguardian..
well trend micro internet security's firewall sucked in my opinion

so better to switch anyway

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